Alastair Thain

August 4, 2009

I started this week my internship with Alastair Thain. Alastair uses the same format cameras as NASA to photograph the Earth from the space shuttle. The cameras are huge and produce outstanding image quality.

Alastair's camera

“These hyper-real images have an unprecedented visual intimacy that reveals something about the people presented: their life, their history, their origins, their fate, their wishes and dreams. Sometimes a tangible sense of the abandonment of hope and aspiration is perceived. 

His large-format photographs possess a strange and special presence. This presence stems initially from the majestic scale of the works, whose extreme resolution and clarity exceeds what the eye can generally perceive, and principally from the intuitive choice of moments.” (

Below are some pictures I particularly like of him:


560,000.00 Hours,London 2004


From the series “Marines”

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