Ute Klein – Resonant Entanglement- Bodily Space

February 6, 2010

I saw Ute Klein’s work when she exhibited in the College in London (LCC) where I was doing my Master. She exhibited alongside with all her classmates from the Folkwang Hochschule, Essen. Her work was already then amongst of all my favorite ones. Yesterday, I came across her work again when I looked at photographers chosen as Germany’s emerging photographers for “Gute Aussichten – Junge Deutsche Fotografie”. Ute Klein was one of them and I was not surprised. Have a look at her work.

© Ute Klein

“There is something to be said about love in this work. It speaks from within the stacked up, twisted and flexed bodies. In raising and stretching and struggling. In folding, entwining and suspending. The depicted couples are realized as a three-dimensional interplay of sculptural form. Characteristic traits, emotional entanglements and bodily perception influence the performative act through body language. Bodies interact and resonate under the influence of others. The final form constructs the metaphorically seen, non-material (third) “Body of the Couple” and may be understood as the inversion of the concealed interior viewed on the outside: expansive, knotted or telescoped compositions represent complex emotional interconnections.”


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