Candice Breitz – Factum

February 23, 2010

I saw on the weekend the exhibition Factum of Candice Breitz and I have to say I was really impressed.

Factum consists of interviews with identical twins. Each set of twins appears side by side to another on matching monitors, hung portrait-style. Breitz filmed each sibling separately answering similar questions about their life.  The edited responses and gestures play off on one another, highlighting both parallels and differences.

Factum gleefully conflates documentary with fiction, as Breitz’s shaping of already-distinct stories creates an uneasy narrative arc. The work reflects on the relationship between the individual and the double, how one’s subjective integrity is both threatened and affirmed by the presence of a mirror image that can never be an exact duplicate.”

Breitz work is so simple yet so complex and intriguing. She definitely clarified for me a bit more in what kind of documentary work I am particularly interested in and I am myself aiming to create.

I think it is difficult to enjoy her work online, although you can get a taste here. But if you are in London and have the chance to see her show in the White Cube Gallery go and check it out. The show is on until the 20th March 2010.

© Candice Breitz


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