Erica McDonald

March 9, 2010

I read today in the BJP (British Journal of Photojournalism) an article about Erica McDonald, which made me curious about her work The dark light of this nothing.
“This piece is meant as a tribute to those long term residents who have sustained the Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York neighborhood for generations and are now in an increasing minority. The old guard is losing their sense of community. A new, affluent population, drawn by Park Slope’s popularity as one of America’s best neighborhoods, is swiftly overshadowing the working class.”
I really like the atmosphere which comes in the piece across through the mixture of portraits, reportage shoots, music, interviews and street sounds. It allows the viewer to feel with the habitants, which get dispelled from their neighborhood due to gentrification. Generally, I am not necessarily the biggest fan of multi media work but The dark light of this nothing I find successful and inspiring. It shows me the power of multi media if used well.
I particularly like McDonald’s portraits in front of the white background.
© Erica McDonald
© Erica McDonald

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