The Every Day – Miguel Garcia-Guzman

March 13, 2010

Yesterday night on the bus home I had to think about an article of Miguel Garcia-Guzman on his blog Exposure Compensation. In the article he described so nicely why it is so difficult to take pictures of something that you are used to and always surrounded by. I had thought about this issue a lot in the past. But reading Garcia-Guzman article made so clear to me why taking pictures of the every day is one of the most difficult things.

“The more you see something the less you actually see it. In ways, it is like sensory sensitization, similar to the process that eliminates the cutaneous mechanical sensation of wearing clothes over the body, you feel it at the start but very soon your brain ignores it. Visual information follows the same path, with a distinctive ability of the brain to reduce attention to the things you see every day, your common surroundings, your family, your lifestyle. It is challenging to find the amusing out of things that have become routine, it is like an impossible exercise to see what you see everyday in a different way.  For this reason I find remarkable when a photographer is able to create art out of his/her place or his/her people.”


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