Self Publish, Be Happy Weekend

June 7, 2010

Image: 4575

At the weekend I went to the Self Publish, Be Happy Weekend at the Photographer’s Gallery to check out the DIY books. I just heard last week about this new blog and platform, which was this year launched by Bruno Ceschel. By now their blog is featured all over the web and when talking to them they were themselves surprised how fast and wide it spread. This just shows again the boom of self published books.

I went the second day and by then i couldn’t get anymore my hands on Alec Soth’s zine “The last days of W” which was a real pity! But anyways, it was very inspiring to look at all the individual books. Some of them were of astonishing print quality. I was particularly amazed by Maxwell Anderson’s book See You Soon who went especially to Taiwan to get it printed and bound.

I really think the trend of self publishing is great, because as a result there are much more creative and personal books. And anyways, it is a myth that a photographer can make money with book sales, even if it published by a publishing house. So why not publish it yourself and control the whole outcome?

I am currently looking into that for my book and am thinking of doing an edition of 100.


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