Alec Soth

August 16, 2010

As most people know, I am a big Alec Soth fan. He definitely has influenced me a lot. But crazily enough I had today for the first time a real book of his in my hands. I looked at Dog Days, Bogota and Niagara and loved them both. Pictures I had overlooked before I realized for the first time. I also found his notes at the end of the book very inspiring. Especially since I am still looking for a way to combine text with images in my East Germany project.

“Driving around Niagara, I have a list of thing I’m looking for taped to my steering wheel: High-school yearbooks, polaroids, men in pajamas. I almost never check anything of the list. I just drive in circles around the falls – listening to Roy Orbison for the thousandth time. ‘Dum-Dum-Dum-Dumby-Dob-Wah.’ I cruise the motels. I ask women in bars if they have love letters. I ask couples if they can pose nude. Most people think I am a pervert.”

© Alec Soth

“This picture of the Flechs was taken right after Aaron and Nicole were married at the Quality Hotel Love Chapel. There was no photographer. The only guests were children from previous marriages.”

© Alec Soth

“I went to a boxing tournament at the Polish Hall in Niagara Falls, Ontario. After each match, I would ask the battered boxer to come down to the basement to have his picture taken with his girlfriend.”

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