Tobias Zielony – Story, No Story

September 2, 2010

Many people talk at the moment about Tobias Zielony’s new book. And they are probably right about it. I had the chance to look at it from close when I was in Germany.

The book provides an overview of the works Zielony produced between 2000 and 2008: pictures taken in Knowle West in Bristol, of public housing in Halle-Neustadt, of the Quartiers Nord in Marseille, and in South Los Angeles. Usually photographed at night, the teens are invariably drawn to generic locales like car parks, gas stations and other public spaces. As the book’s title suggests, their is no story. But this, in fact, it is the story of so many young people around the world. They gather at night and wait for something to happen. In an interview included in the book, Zielony quotes one girl he photographed who said, “We’re not bored. Boredom is just a word for what we do anyway.”

I came for the first time across his work two years ago. It was Trona then and I loved it. I like especially the moment he decides to be the decisive one and the mood he is able to create. That does not just apply to all his night time or dawn pictures but also to his bright desert pictures. However surprisingly, it seems that Zielony has no webpage and it’s very difficult to find a good overview of his work online. Otherwise I would have posted my three favorite pictures of him. Like that just an example of two pages of his book. Which I also like, though.

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