Inner Outer Land

October 19, 2010

It took a little bit of time to put into words, why I am so drawn to the canals in East London. Below you can read in a blurb what the whole project is about. As mentioned I’ll exhibit part of it with others from our 189 Collective from the 22nd October until the 14th November in the Apiary Studios. The Opening will be on the 22nd from 7pm till 10pm. There is some really nice work there. So come!

In my project I explore the landscape of the canals and surrounding sites in East London. I am particularly drawn to this area for its beauty, which is different from the perfectly ordered English gardens and parks, or the wild, uncivilized nature of oceans, mountains and forests.

The further you follow the canals to the northeast, the more indecisive the landscape seems to become, blurring between civilization and wilderness, tidiness and negligence, classical beauty and morbidity.

The city appears and disappears trying to juxtapose nature and centuries of human urbanization.

© Freya Najade

© Freya Najade


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