Alec Soth – From here to there

November 12, 2010

OK, I might be a bit obsessed at the moment with Alec Soth and am turning into a groupie I haven’t been, since being fifteen years old and adoring A-HA . But I am currently reading the book From Here To There about his work and find it really interesting and inspiring.

It gives a great overview about Alec Soth, also about his very early work. I like especially Siri Engberg’s article (see post below) and totally enjoyed the interview with him called “Dismantling my career”.

I would like to share some quotes. Perhaps somebody else finds it as interesting as me (maybe at least Rebecca?:))

“Photography is a very lonely medium. There’s a kind of beautiful loneliness in voyeurism.”

“I like the idea of the process. And I’m less interested in the masterpiece, or the icon.”

“This is the highly problematic nature of what I am doing. I’m using real people, real lives to create my little art project. It’s a problematic medium. It’s the Arbus problem”

“We are all using the same machines, and by doing it over and over and over again, you find your own voice but it’s just modestly different than somebody else’s. “

“I always used to lecture about how photographs can’t tell stories, because they are these fragmentary moments in time, and so you can’t get any kind of arc to a story. You are making these little points and you’re pushing the viewer to make connections between them. It’s not true storytelling.”

“I think photography is the most anti-Zen activity. It’s all about stopping time, possessing things, holding onto them. (…) If my goal was to be a healthy person, photography would not be the thing.”

One Response to “Alec Soth – From here to there”

  1. I think they make great words, and so true!!

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