Hannah Lucy Jones

December 2, 2010

Last Thursday I went to the opening of the show of  the MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at LCC. It’s crazy to think that it was last year us showing there!

I fell particularly in love with Hannah Lucy Jones work and book “To happiness, endlessly”. She captured encounters from a journey around England, which had no planned route or destination.  “With no intention to characterize the English as a nation, or England as a country, the trip was imagined more as a series of disconnected experiences joined by their happening within England’s borders, a melancholic psychological journey, and a visual diary of what I saw, who I met, and where I went”.

I like her approach and the way she focuses on details, places and people of the every day, which many people wouldn’t pay much attention to. Looking at home at her project on her webpage, I was a bit disappointed, though. The images seemed indeed very fragmented and very disconnected to each other, some I didn’t find very strong.  In her book, however, the work is so amazingly edited that I can feel her journey. The juxtapositions of the images, combined with from time to time some text are strengthening each other that the book becomes very powerful, personal and emotional. It feels very fresh. It showed me again how important it is to find the right medium to present work and how limited especially web sites are opposed to a book format if well edited.

So if you get the chance have a look at Hannah Lucy Jones book.

© Hannah Lucy Jones

© Hannah Lucy Jones


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