January 15, 2011

When ASA Collective screened last week my work, it was the first time that I showed If you are lucky, you get old with music. To be honest I was not really convinced at the beginning, when they asked me to add some sound. I find photographs with music can become quickly very amateurish and also I had always seen my project more in a book format. But for the fun and experiment I tried to put it together, listening to many many many songs… At the end it was a lot of fun working on it, realizing once more the power of music, how it would alter the whole meaning of a story or would ideally intensify it, underlining the tone and feeling I’d have for each narrative. I think I got eventually pretty close to what I had in mind…But have a look yourself below at some of the results.

For better quality viewing watch them on Vimeo.

On the 18th of January ASA is showing If you are lucky, you get old as a selection of their favorite works shown over the last 5 months. The event starts at 6.45 pm in the City YMCA – 8 Errol St, London EC1Y 8NX. So come if you missed the last one!


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