Peter Granser

April 3, 2011

There is not necessary warmth in Peter Granser’s project J’ai perdu ma tete in which he attempts to develop an image of the world of insanity from an interior perspective. But I appreciate his distant view even more.

In order to learn about mental disorder Granser spend a couple of month in an institution in France, getting familiar with patients and their fates, their joys and compulsions. During this time he produced still lives, portraits and videos,  I particularly like the photographs of traces which are left behind by the inhabitants and also the images of their art works.

Tobias Wall is right when he writes that the images are successful without creating a freak show. Granser’s pictures from the insane asylum make do without any freak-show thrills or horror scenarios. They unfold their intensity through the photographer’s reserved gaze and intimate familiarity with his subject. These are compositions made up of nuances, of suggestions and presentiments, images that do not show the grimacing mask of insanity, bur rather its human countenance (Tobias Wall).

© Peter Granser

© Peter Granser


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