Images and Words

April 16, 2011

The relationship of image and words and the importance of each is something I thought about quite a lot, not just because of my last project If you are lucky, you get old. When I read yesterday an interview of Paolo Woods in Photonews I felt he got to the heart of what I couldn’t put into words before.

The interview is also in general highly recommend to read (at least for German speakers), I find his view on photojournalism for once encouraging and his way to approach projects truly inspiring.

I believe that image and text express different things and that you can’t substitute the one for the other. I find it very exaggerated, when somebody claims an image says more than thousand words. It is ridiculous to believe you can tell a story just with images. Whoever claims that, assumes the viewer already knows what is pictured. 

Paolo Woods in Photonews

Paolo collaborates with the author Serge Michel to develop text and images for a project.


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