Love Issue

January 26, 2011

Am happy to be part of a new online magazine about love and issues.


ASA Slideshow Evening

January 6, 2011

Come tonight to the slideshow evening organized by ASA Collective! I have heard great things about their screenings and am also looking forward to show some work.

Start  7:00pm

Location: Cafe B @ Cable street studios, 566 Cable Street, E1W 3HB, London, UK

Come and have a drink and watch some slideshows!


Ivor Prickett – Gali
Laura Pannack – Young British Naturists
Tereza Zelenkova – Supreme Vice
Antonia Zennaro – Down There
Freya Najade – If you’re lucky you get old

Thursday, December 2 · 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Unit 101, 54- 58 Kingsland Road, London

I went yesterday to the Qualitative Research Conference in Bournemouth to which I got in invited by Kip Jones to present my project “If you are lucky, you get old”.

Although I didn’t think of my work as qualitative research, I can now see how it relates to it and also fitted in the program. It was my first conference and I was slightly nervous to present my work within such a scientific environment. But it went all very well, people were very positive and interested. Looking back, it was actually great to show my project outside of the photography world. I should do that more often!

I am happy that my book “If you are lucky, you get old” got included in The Indie Photobook Library. The library was founded this year by Larissa Leclair. It seeks to showcase and preserve not just self-published photo books but also photography exhibition catalogs, print-on-demand photo books, and many more versions of photos as printed and bound version, which are not collected by traditional libraries in the United States.

The Indie Photobook Library is a public non-circulating library, which accepts submissions on an ongoing basis. There will be regularly exhibitions curated from the collection in order to give viewers the opportunity to handle and peruse the books. The next exhibition will be held during the Flash Forward festival in Toronto.

I just wish I could go.

© Larissa Leclair

Next weekend starts in Bristol the Festival of Photography, which means many many exhibitions throughout the city from the 21st until the 30th May.

Live.Still is running as part of the Festival. The opening night will bring together exhibiting photographers, along with unknown and emerging talent through an open slide show night.

I am looking forward to show “If you are lucky, you get old” as part of the open slide show. Come and visit the show in which also my friend Rebecca Harley exhibits her series “When I close my eyes”. The private view and slide show night is Friday May 21st,  7pm – 10pm.


April 29, 2010

It was great to find my work yesterday on Joerg Colberg’s blog Conscientious, which is one of my favorite blogs!

It made me happy to see Foto8 showing If you are lucky, you get old as their photo story of the week. Go and have a look.

Tomorrow our exhibition will come down. Time to share my book and thoughts about my project “If you are lucky, you get old”.

In August I mentioned that I made the decision to do a project about elderly gays, since I felt nobody really thought of old people as being homosexual. But also in general in my surroundings and every day life old people seemed to be invisible. I couldn’t feel their presence although I knew that they were somewhere there. Thinking of them or of myself becoming old made me worried and pitiful. Wrinkles, disease and decay came to mind. What actually happened to the times when the old were the wise and taught the young about life? Having so little knowledge about the elderly, I went out to retirement communities in the U.S. to find out more. First I went to a gay retirement home in Portland. After spending a week there I travelled to Palm Springs where I stayed for around 5 weeks meeting old people in senior centres.

To my surprise, the elderly I met were not just proud of their age and the fact that they made it that far in life, they were also still falling in love and breaking up. They were overcoming their lifetime partner’s death, living out their erotic fantasies or dealing with the loss of their sexual desire. Talking to them showed me that inner growths is ever lasting and that humans even above the age of seventy continue to love, suffer, long, dream and have sexual feelings.

In my project ‘If you are lucky, you get old’, I decided finally to capture encounters with the elderly and to tell stories of those I spent time with. To not create just another segregated and enclosed group I eventually decided to open the project up and to focus on both straight and queer seniors. Here you can have a look inside the book. I am pretty happy with it to be honest.

Final Show

December 17, 2009

The opening of our show was really fun. Many people came to see our work and to celebrate the end of our Masters. For those, who couldn’t make it have a look below. You can still go and check it out, the show is on until the 15.01.2010.