Bogdana and Sasha

October 30, 2012

Bogdana and Sasha are getting ready for their fire show in Hidropark.

© Freya Najade



October 23, 2012

A DJ warming up for the party in one of the new beach clubs in Hidropark.

© Freya Najade

Hidropark II

October 17, 2012

We are sisters and we don’t see each other often enough! Today we are celebrating an orthodox holiday together. The restaurants are too expensive, so we brought our own food. 

© Freya Najade

© Freya Najade


October 13, 2012

I feel I am getting slowly squared eyes, staring at the computer and retouching pictures from my trip to Ukraine. So time for a break! And here a peek of my new project.

In the summer I went for the second time to Ukraine. I went last year for the first time for my farm project Strawberries in Winter. When being there I discovered Hidropark, which is a park for recreation on an island in the middle of the Dnieper river in Kyiv. I fell kind of in love with the park then, even though many people from Kyiv wouldn’t understand why.

The park was created during the soviet era as an entertainment complex with mainly water and sport activities for Kyivians. Today during the summer there are still thousands especially from the suburbs of Kyiv visiting. Activities, which have been emerged over the last decades range from bungee jumping over evening dances for the elderly. There is a huge gym under free sky made from car parts, there are bars, restaurants, and a fun fair. But it is especially the beaches which draw many people to Hidropark on hot summer days. Most facilities remind of bygone days and some people warn of Hidropark as a high crime area one should avoid going after dark. However, there are also new places like beach clubs for the richer ones popping up. The aim is to change by 2025 the whole infrastructure of the island to push tourism and economic development. One possible plan is to develop Hidropark into Disneyland.

Being fascinated by this place I decided to explore Hidropark’s landscape and the people visiting further, before the reconstruction on the island would start.

Below a few images, but more detail about the project and images to follow soon!

© Freya Najade

© Freya Najade

© Freya Najade

Scans from Ukraine

September 19, 2012

Felt like sharing two images from my trip to Ukraine, I have just scanned. Once I am done editing and scanning I will show and write more about it!

© Freya Najade

© Freya Najade


August 5, 2012

So far I am having a great time in Kiev doing some new work. More details and images to follow soon.

© Freya Najade

New Images

June 8, 2012

Check out my website. I added a few new images to Strawberries in Winter and Misfits.

© Freya Najade

New scans

May 5, 2012

A few scans from London and my last trip to the Netherlands and Germany.

© Freya Najade

Apple Misfits

April 1, 2012

© Freya Najade

Apples above failed to meet the quality characteristics set by supermarkets. Reasons for rejected fruit from left to right:

Royal Gala I: Shape – More than 10 percent of the fruit is misshapen, more than 10 mm offset.

Royal Gala II: Colour – Less than 40 percent of the surface shows a good red striped colouration.

Royal Gala III: Blemish – Superficial defects, which exceed more than 5 percent of the fruit.

The marks, shape and colour have no impact on the taste of fruit.

Raspberries and Pears

March 7, 2012

Raspberry Field

© Freya Najade

Pear Orchard

© Freya Najade