Apple Misfits

April 1, 2012

© Freya Najade

Apples above failed to meet the quality characteristics set by supermarkets. Reasons for rejected fruit from left to right:

Royal Gala I: Shape – More than 10 percent of the fruit is misshapen, more than 10 mm offset.

Royal Gala II: Colour – Less than 40 percent of the surface shows a good red striped colouration.

Royal Gala III: Blemish – Superficial defects, which exceed more than 5 percent of the fruit.

The marks, shape and colour have no impact on the taste of fruit.


Peter Fraser has inspired us to look really close at the most ordinary things around us.

I found this very beautiful, when we went to Lewis:

still 1

Shop Window, 2009

still 4

Thrift Store, 2009

Things I found in my garden:

still 2

Fly, 2009