I am very happy to see Strawberries in Winter featured in the November issue of the BJP! Go and get a copy : )


Critical Mass Top 50

November 1, 2012

Strawberries in Winter made it into the Top 50 of Critical Mass. Am very excited!


September 11, 2012

Last week there was an interview of me published, talking about Strawberries in Winter and photography in general.

Other than that I am currently editing the pictures I took in Ukraine. I’ll put soon some up!

Critical Mass Finalist

August 21, 2012

Very nice to find out today, that I am a Critical Mass Finalist with the project Strawberries in Winter!


Foto8 Summershow

June 30, 2012

Next Friday is the launch party of the Foto8 Summershow at Host Gallery in London. I am happy to be selected for the show and to exhibit an image of my new project Strawberries in Winter! So come along for a cool drink.

New Images

June 8, 2012

Check out my website. I added a few new images to Strawberries in Winter and Misfits.

© Freya Najade

New scans

May 5, 2012

A few scans from London and my last trip to the Netherlands and Germany.

© Freya Najade

Apple Misfits

April 1, 2012

© Freya Najade

Apples above failed to meet the quality characteristics set by supermarkets. Reasons for rejected fruit from left to right:

Royal Gala I: Shape – More than 10 percent of the fruit is misshapen, more than 10 mm offset.

Royal Gala II: Colour – Less than 40 percent of the surface shows a good red striped colouration.

Royal Gala III: Blemish – Superficial defects, which exceed more than 5 percent of the fruit.

The marks, shape and colour have no impact on the taste of fruit.

Pears II

March 26, 2012

© Freya Najade

Raspberries and Pears

March 7, 2012

Raspberry Field

© Freya Najade

Pear Orchard

© Freya Najade